Dare to dream of the possibilities of developing a culture where employers and employees beliefs meet.

Highly engaged employers believe more fulfilled employees are happier, more productive, and more efficient. Highly engaged employees believe their employers care about them, not just the work they’re doing.

This is the core of our philosophy because it focuses on encouraging your employees to dream and thrive both personally and professionally. Those who have invested in Be Who You Really See, ourselves included, have seen astounding results. We know that your company will grow when offering this program to your team too.

Your team will:

Increase their productivity

Positively impact your corporate culture

Develop untapped abilities

Achieve personal and professional goals and dreams

Dominate their identity

Be more  excited about changes and opportunities

Be Who You Really See

The Be Who You Really See™ program guides you to grow in the 12 key areas of life that ultimately impact your personal and professional performance. The blueprint will help each participant master The Five “C” Strategy as you develop highly engaged, motivated employees.

Each participant will:

  • Get clarity on what goals and dreams they want to achieve,
  • Get clarity on who they need to be to achieve those goals and dreams,
  • Get clarity on what they need to be doing to achieve those goals and dreams,
  • Improve their positive beliefs and work ethic,
  • Increase their confidence and self-esteem,
  • Develop their untapped abilities, focus, and energy.

The blueprint will help each participant master The Five “C” Strategy as you develop your dream team.

In-person delivery where we lead your team through innovative self-development activities to overcome challenges and uncover strengths, (20% guidance + 80% participation). 

Your Investment Includes:

  • A personal phone consultation with our team prior to implementation
  • Planning time, including conference calls with meeting organizers and key staff
  • Development of customized, interactive content, handouts and/or worksheets with key learning points to meet your organization’s specific engagement needs, if applicable and/or desired
  • Development of customized, experiential activities for learning and growing, if applicable and/or desired
  • Pre-training assessment to measure the participants motivation and engagement before starting
  • All engagement material (books, workbooks and e-files) for participant
  • Post training follow-up call with our team
  • Post-training assessment to measure the participants motivation and engagement 30 days after program completion, 6 months after completion, and 11 months after completion
  • We report results to you to help demonstrate/evidence the ROI
  • On-site or off-site (meeting, conference, retreat) development session(s) administered according to customized content and activities
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Project-based coaching for industry-specific needs. We help you create and implement systems and strategies so your team can achieve company goals now and in the future. 

Your custom-tailored solution can include any combination of access:

  • 7-Hour Full-Day VIP Coaching Sessions (includes a private lunch) for big-picture planning and implementation strategy. 
  • 4-Hour Half-Day VIP Coaching Sessions 
  • 60-Minute Coaching Sessions to use when needed.
  • 10-Minute “Quick Question” Calls via Phone as Needed – From time to time your team will have “quick” unforeseen questions. These calls give you keen as-you-go insight.
  • Light Email Coaching as Needed – Ability to Send Laser Questions and Topics for Review During Your Consulting Contract (priceless!)
  • Audio or Video Recordings of Your Strategy Sessions
  • On-site or off-site (meeting, conference, retreat) coaching session(s) administered according to customized content and activities

BONUS: Bring your key employees to the FULL DAY or ½ day in-person strategy session, to any of the calls, or any live workshops, at no additional charge. Having your business team members on the same page as you’re stretching to the next level in your business is recommended as it often allows you to double the amount of implementation and therefore speeds up results.

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Following your Coaching, your team is encouraged to participate in Ongoing Coaching and Education. This can be conducted by Designated Team Members or you can hire our team to facilitate Valuable Consistent Development.